Monday, February 28, 2011

McQueen and I

I finally just got around to watching the programmed that aired last Friday night. This documentary touched on Alexander McQueen's relationship with his great friend, and muse, Isabella Blow. 
At this point everybody knows about their tumultuous and self-destructive relationship with each other and how they adored each other more than anybody else. I can only imagine that this programme really only demonstrates a small amount of what they meant to each other and their successes, downfalls and ultimately, their deaths.

Definitely worth catching up with on 4OD if you still haven't seen it (and can view it from whatever you country you may be in)

I'm not lying when I say it brought a tear to my eye. Powerful stuff. 

catch a falling star and put it in your Pocky

I have SUCH a craving for these right now. I'll have to take a trip into one of the Asian foodmarkets and see if they have some in stock. NOMNOMNOM.

Hopping on/off the Cate Blanchett bandwagon

My personal style hero at 2011 Oscars is Cate Blanchett.
I'm generally a fan of her style - she sometimes divides opinion and this divine Givenchy Couture dress is certainly no excpetion. WANT.

House of Holland AW11 Fashion Film

Starring: Dree Hemingway, Pixie Geldof and Henry Holland himself (i'll admit, there's a bit of a crush there)

I love the colours, I love the oldskool sales commercial vibe to it, the tongue-in-cheek sexual references - very funny!

a musical interlude

It's Sunday night again. This should help you wind down for a good night's sleep. Lovely.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

the cracks in our foundations

Recently i've developed something of a foundation obsession. Spurred on by wanting to find my 'perfect' foundation, what that is I don't know, i've been buying, on average, 1 or 2 foundations a month. 
I've always worn MAC Studio Fix foundation, but after a few unsuccessful attempts at getting served in my local MAC outlet (Brown Thomas, take note) I gave in and went across the way to Armani, where the queue, and service, were much better. See, the product doesn't always mean people will come back regardless of service!

Owing to bad lighting and a lost cable I haven't taken photos of each foundation, however I am going to review them according to my very un-scientific findings!
For sake of comparison I feel you should know that I have combination skin erring on the side of dry i.e. dry around the nose and sometimes eyes, slightly (only very slightly) oily around the t-zone. I also feel it fair to tell you that my usual maintenance regime is close to none. I moisturise at night if I remember it, but it's the exception, rather than the rule. I also remove my makeup using babywipes, if at all. I know, I know, spare me the lectures, i've heard it all from  my grandmother and her perfect skin at 81!

So without further ado, here are my latest foundations and what I thought of each. 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid with SPF 15

 As I mentioned above, MAC was my usual go-to for foundation. I like the rather heavy foundation that it gives, it lasts all day and without much need for a top-up, perhaps sometimes a sweep of powder halfway through a particularly tough day. As I have freckles and slight rosacia, I fell the coverage is even without giving me half-covered freckles and patches of red breaking through. Definitely my favourite for a night-time look. 

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous - the foundation faker

I bought this as I wanted to test out a compact for quick & easy daytime application. In other words, some mornings i'm just too damn lazy to apply a full face of makeup. It's a very light and natural coverage and certainly not something I would use at night-time. A great one to keep in your handbag for a top-up during the day, or great for someone who doesn't look for much coverage. I would use this more during the summer months if I already have a bit of colour on my face and just want a light and natural application. 

Benefit - You Rebel tinted moisturiser 

Sticking with Benefit, I also tried out this tinted moisturiser in the darker of the 2 available colours. With a tan this product is GREAT. It's natural and looks like the sun has caught you in all the right places. It's moisturising and also contains an SPF - always a bonus in a foundation. This is always in my makeup bag during the summer months, especially if on holidays somewhere hot where you don't want your foundation sliding down your face after 10minutes in the heat. At first I did find a little goes a long way and often squeezed out too much leading to slight blotchiness after application, but the answer to this was to apply less. 10/10 for summer. 

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation with SPF 15

My newest to the collection, and one of the most trustworthy. This again is quite natural in it's coverage, however giving slightly more of  a full coverage (I hear you, stop saying 'coverage' in there!) than the Benefit compact. This is a great daytime foundation and will last. It's moisturising and feels great on your skin, often feeling like you're not wearing makeup at all. Bobbi Brown has always been recommended to me as a safe option and I think I now know why - not one to let you down. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - SPF15

I bought this in a hurry in JFK airport in New York. I had a flight to catch and $100 in my pocket, I had planned on getting some MAC, forgetting that there was no MAC counter there, duh. The 'Vitalumiere' caught  my eye, hoping that there would be some awesome light reflecting particles to perhaps save me the effort of applying highlighter (I told you I was lazy) - to that end it IS quite luminescent, however I would still use some highlighter with it.  It is quite moisturising, perhaps a little bit too much so and an hour or so after application it was still rubbing off on clothing - not good. The coverage is good, quite full, so possibly more of a night-time foundation than daytime one. I'm still undecided about this, if it didn't rub off so easily I think i'd be more positive about it. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

As mentioned above I bought this foundation when I found the service at the MAC counter to be less than satisfactory, ahem. I had heard loads about this foundation, but was put off as I presumed it would cost a bomb, being Armani. The assistant recommended me a colour and when I tried it at home I initially thought it was too light for me, however,  a quick sweep of bronzer and I was more impressed. It felt light and silky, as the name suggests, and photos from that night out proved more flattering than usual. I almost looked photoshopped! Looking back, I think this foundation was much nicer than I possibly gave it credit for. 

Overall, I think the main thing with foundation is coverage, wearability (does it rub off?) and how long it lasts. A good primer can help with how long it lasts, but wearability is something that can't be faked, nor can coverage past a certain extent. That said, MAC is probably still a first choice, with Bobbi Brown and Armani close behind. 

Equipment for less

Equipment shirts, according to in 2009, were the 'most coveted item to own during the 80s and early 90s'. Owned by Christian Restoin, Carine Roitfeld's longterm partner, the line was revived in 2009 with the help of Serge Azria.

The shirts are luxurious, soft flowing and silk is just one of the materials they use. Retailers have a choice of over 135 styles to choose from!
Retailing here, in Ireland, for over €200 and recently stocked in BT2, they were, until today, a covetable piece of luxury for me. I went into aforementioned BT2 on 2 occasions in the last week to feel their soft fabric and dream that I would maybe be able to cut back on my spending splurges to be able to afford one. 
SO, imagine my unhinged DELIGHT, when, no more than 30 minutes ago, I received my daily email from Swirl by DailyCandy into my inbox offering a choice few shirts from Equipment for $19 in their sample sale. NINETEEN DOLLARS!!
As luck has it, as they will only deliver within the US & not to PO Box numbers, my boyfriend is currently living in NYC. To cut a long story short, and to avoid overshare, I had to google his address as the time difference means he's still snoring his head off and I have had no reason to have his address before now (regardless of the fact that I was there last month, oops).

I digress and I forthwith present to you my latest obsession PURCHASED. Behold, the Theodore (I purchased in black)

Image via

To say i'm excited is an understatement....I just hope I got my boyfriend's address right!
I can't wait to wear this over wetlook leggings and a skinny belt or tucked into some city shorts and ankle boots. wait a week or 2 for my delivery. 


A piece of Blake..

2 things I love.
Christian Louboutin and Blake Lively.
One day I will own a pair of Louboutin's (i'm currently toying with the idea of buying a pair of black courts that I will wear again & again and therefore justify the cost, ahem). And I love Blake's style, laid back, chic, young and funky...and, while i'm sure there's a lot more grooming in her appearance than you'd think, she always looks like she's just thrown something together. (well THAT sounded a bit more insulting than i'd hoped...hmm...)

ANYWAY, the man himself has designed a shoe especially for, and named after, the beautiful Blake. And here it is. Imagine...just imagine your favourite designer designing something with you in mind. Le sigh.

Images via Popcrunch

Kate Moss looking very Brigitte

I'm not one to usually fawn over Kate Moss. Sure she's an iconic model, she has great personal style (i.e. not one to follow trends, more to set them) and she seems like she's the sorta girl you'd want to go on a night out with. That said, the hysteria surrounding her Topshop collaborations was always a bit of a puzzler for me. I often found the odd item here & there that I adored, but I just couldn't justify the pricetag (or the queueing up at 6am to get in there first - more bed please zzzzz).
When she first unveiled her collaboration with Longchamp I was underwhelmed. Then I saw the bags in the flesh and was a little more excited, the quality is undoubtable and the styles were longlasting - something you could see yourself still using in a few years. However, I still didn't quite get on board and soon forgot about them.
But I have just today (yes, yes, I'm late off the starting block, I know these pics have been around for a fortnight at least) demonstrated to myself that I am a SUCKER for a good advertising campaign and gorgeous, reminiscent photos of the 70's and Brigitte Bardot. Here is Kate's campaign for Longchamp for S/S 2011, and my, doesn't she look stunning? I want them all! I also want to  go back to golden, sunkissed blonde. See?! A SUCKER for advertising!

Images via Vogue UK

Busy Bee!

It's been over a week since I last posted - aaah!

Gonna try and get some posts done today & then back to normal during the week.

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NYLON TV + Marc Jacobs

As you can probably tell, i'm gaining a small obsession with Marc Jacobs. He's definitely one of my favourite designers with classic, elegant, tailored pieces that are still edgy and forward.
Here's a small snippet from NYLON TV & there's a link to more photos in a gallery on the Nylon webpage.


Christina Hendricks to model for Vivienne Westwood

Talk about a match made in red-headed heaven! I love both of these ladies, Christina is a relative newcomer to our eyes and has managed to make a huge name for herself for championing those 50's-style dresses in Mad Men with her ample curves. She's ALL woman.
Vivienne knows how to dress a woman, hitting her curves in all the right places and creating an silhouette we thought was only possible with the help of a pair of Bridget Jones-style big knickers (actually, does anyone else feel really sorry themselves when they see the knickers referred to as 'big knickers' in Bridget Jones? Mine go right up under my bust...aaaaaaaaanyway...move along..)
My point is that these 2 seem like a the perfect match - I really can't wait to see what offerings they give.
Here's a few photos for us to ponder over in the meantime.

Image via

Image via

IMage via

Image via

Image via

Dance, Magic Dance

With the 70's fashion revival it was only a matter of time before the subject of David Bowie's sartorial influence cropped up. I, for one, welcome our new androgynous outfit overlords. I don't think I could love Bowie anymore than I do...see here on

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the future of Ireland?


Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs by KitCatKittyCat featuring antique gold jewelry

I'd like one of everything pls

Brits 2011

I was going to watch the Brit Awards Red Carpet coverage this evening....but then I switched over and Peter Andre was interviewing James Blunt on it.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Design*Sponge - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups - OH MY

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » small measures: chocolate peanut-butter cups

Great Scott!

For any of you following Jeremy Scott on twitter you will have seen today that he has  just designed a new collection of watches with Swatch.
Swatch is an iconic watch brand and has been around for years, known hugely for it's cult collection of Swatch Pop-watches in the 90's ( I always wanted one!)
Anyway, Jeremy gave a sneak peek of the watches on Twitter and they are AWESOME. I'm not sure I could bare to take my Marc Jacobs watch off my wrist, but these will definitely be in the running.

The bottom one is called Lightning Flash. 

Images via

Bafta Vs Grammy Fashion

I keep meaning to do a NYFW post, but with various commitments during the past week I haven't had a chance to check out my favourites just yet. This weekend  saw 2 of the biggest red carpet events in the celeb diary and here's a quick rundown of *my* favourite and not-so-favourite outfits from both.

First up is the Baftas:
Images via

Jessica Alba - she can sometimes do wrong with her outfit choices, but she's got it spot on here in Atelier Versace. This gorgeous royal blue colour compliments her olive skin perfectly and gives her gorgeous shape (and cleavage?!!) Her clutch is cute and the statement necklace doesn't take away too much from the gorgeous dress.
Thandie Newton is someone who consistently looks great at red carpet events. However she's someone that usually slips under my radar. Ordinarily she would run the risk of blending in with the carpet with this colour, however this Monique Lhullier dress manages to stand out and scream GLAMOUR. I love. 

Image via

Amy Adams - YIKES. I'm not sure what to say about this. In theory  this Elie Saab dress is gorgeous - the colour, the beautiful beading, the draping of the material. However it does nothing for Amy and I've definitely seen her looking much better. 

Image via

Sarah Harding - oh no. This dress would be gorgeous without the thigh-high split or maybe with a different stance. I

Image via

Rosamund Pike - she's gorgeous, it's Alexander McQueen. Everyone else loves it, I feel I should. Yet, I don't and I can't quite place my finger on it. Why don't I love this? Whhhhhhyyyyyy??! 

Image via

Gemma Arterton - PERFECTION. I  love this YSL dress. The vibrant blue bow and the strong red lip are so striking with Gemma's brunette hair - definitely my favourite look of thee night. Pure class. 

Now, over the Atlantic and onto the more...playful fashion of the Grammy's. 

IMage via

Nicki Minaj - Well it's fun isn't it? I love Nicki Minaj so i'm gonna be biased anyway. You wouldn't wear this to pop to the shops to buy a pint of milk like. 

Image via

J.Lo. - great pins but where's the rest of your Pucci dress?!! 

Image via

Katy Perry in Armani Prive - barf. 

Image via

Rhianna in Jean Paul Gaultier - I loved this haute couture dress on the runway and I love it on Rhianna. It's a brave choice and totally high-fashion, not everyone could pull it off and still manage to look relatively classy. I love Ri-Ri's toned down auburn locks aswell. Take THAT Chris Brown! 

So there we have it - 2 very different events, both filled to the brim with stylish and gorgeous celebs. The BAFTA's was an altogether classy affair, whilst the Grammy's affords you  a chance for a more playful and brave look. Which do you prefer? Are there any others that you loved/hated? 


Saturday, February 12, 2011


The lovely folks from Vintage Ireland sent me the following info in relation to their upcoming Vintage Fair in Dublin. I'm definitely going to be checking it out - i'm loving all of the vintage fairs and flea markets becoming increasingly popular in Ireland at the moment and this one looks like a must-visit.

Hats by Fiona McGuire courtesy of Vintage Ireland

The fashion renaissance continues into 2011 with the return of the Vintage Fashion and Decor Fair to the Royal Marine Hotel on Sunday 17th April.

The enthusiasm for vintage shows no sign of abating, and fashion on sale at the Vintage Fair ticks all the important boxes for today’s savvy shopper: ethical, eco-friendly, good value fashion, and with Ireland's best vintage sellers all conveniently gathered under one roof.

A veritable one-stop vintage supermarket, the Dublin Vintage Fair covers all areas of 20th century fashion, from clothing to jewellery, hats, handbags, shoes and accessories, even including vintage powder compacts, scent bottles, sewing patterns and fashion prints, along with unique 20th century decorator items and homewares.

I hope to see some of you there!! 

Make and Do

Yesterday evening I went to a shop launch with my friend, and fellow blogger, Anna. It was a design shop launching a new silicone plastic called Sugru that can be used to 'hack' or fix items that are broken. At first I just presumed it could only be used on solid items - broken tools, cups, instruments..even glass, but one of the guys doing the demos (and recording the documentary, eek!) also said it can be used on materials. E.g. to mend a hole in a shoe, a ripped bag or lining of a coat.
The beauty of the product is not only that it is sustainable  and economic, but totally mouldable to whatever your needs (mouldable is a word...right??).
See Anna's post and accompanying photos to see just how great Sugru is. As an aside, it was designed by one of our own,  Jane NĂ­ Dhulchaointigh, and it's always nice to support Irish products where possible.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New (York) Purchases

So, i'm back from my few days in NYC. I had great plans to buy items that I needed rather than items that I wanted....alas, my mental shopping list was no help in my purchases.
I kept doing that whole 'hmm, i'll wait and see what else there is before i buy this' thing, which ultimately led me to leave a whole load of items behind.
ALSO, my search for the House Of Harlow 1979 Sunburst Cocktail Ring proved unfruitful *sadface* - having searched online for NYC stockists I discovered Bloomingdale's carried stock, however after a less than productive encounter with a snotty sales assistant I came away empty handed. It's just not meant to be! (OR, I could just buy online..)

I digress, I've taken a few photos of the items that I can find near the top of my suitcase - my favourite amongst them have to be the Steve Madden wedge boots - more on them in a few. Apologies for the bad quality of photos - i'm still hungover.

I bought this in Forever 21+ as I like tank tops like this to be baggy so I can wear them over wet-look leggings or skinny jeans. 

I can't find this top online, but it's from Material GIrl in Macy's. Yes. Madonna & Lourdes line...i'm as shocked as you are! It's an oversized blouse with lovely slash details on the sleeves from shoulder to elbow. The colours and pattern are gorgeous, so i've done a close up of them - it's a lovely chiffon material.

This blazer is just a wardrobe staple from Old Navy. Nothing to get too excited about, but I do love the detail on the sleeve when rolled back. 

The above 2 are also from Material Girl in Macy's - again, can't find them online. The bodycon skirt goes great with everything, I love it. And the denim shirt is a really nice light, denim colour and in a light cotton, rather than heavy denim.

The above, soft-knit, oversized tshirt is from a random boutique along Broadway. I can't remember the name of it but it had LOADS of gorgeous blouses and soft-knit tops like this. 

This dress is from Brooklyn Flea Market. I bought it for $15 and while it's quite girly for me, there was something about it that mad eme want it. For fifteen dolla I couldn't really say no. 

I also bought some awesome jewellery in the flea market, which I can't find right now...I hope I didn't leave them behind!

Leopard print chiffon blouse from Old Navy - self explanatory. 

And NOW, for my fave purchases, aswell as some random make up purchases (not including my Sephora haul - I might keep that for another day!)

Steve Madden Wedge Ankle Boots. 

I'll do the beauty buys in another post in the coming days...right now i'm tired and i'm back to work tomorrow. BOO!!! 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New York, New York and she took his heart away...

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to New York. I should be excited, I am...I will be. I've been before, for the first time last year. Since then my boyfriend has moved there for a few months for a job. So tomorrow I go to see him...after 5 weeks apart. It'll be bittersweet, leaving again in less than a week and not knowing when i'll see him again. Still though, I get to shop, right? Here are some photos from my last trip. See u in a week!!!