Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kate Moss looking very Brigitte

I'm not one to usually fawn over Kate Moss. Sure she's an iconic model, she has great personal style (i.e. not one to follow trends, more to set them) and she seems like she's the sorta girl you'd want to go on a night out with. That said, the hysteria surrounding her Topshop collaborations was always a bit of a puzzler for me. I often found the odd item here & there that I adored, but I just couldn't justify the pricetag (or the queueing up at 6am to get in there first - more bed please zzzzz).
When she first unveiled her collaboration with Longchamp I was underwhelmed. Then I saw the bags in the flesh and was a little more excited, the quality is undoubtable and the styles were longlasting - something you could see yourself still using in a few years. However, I still didn't quite get on board and soon forgot about them.
But I have just today (yes, yes, I'm late off the starting block, I know these pics have been around for a fortnight at least) demonstrated to myself that I am a SUCKER for a good advertising campaign and gorgeous, reminiscent photos of the 70's and Brigitte Bardot. Here is Kate's campaign for Longchamp for S/S 2011, and my, doesn't she look stunning? I want them all! I also want to  go back to golden, sunkissed blonde. See?! A SUCKER for advertising!

Images via Vogue UK

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