Sunday, June 13, 2010

Festival Playlists

I'm heading to a few music festivals this summer, some here in Ireland & some abroad, and aswell as having my wardrobe ready for the festivals, I like to set up my festival playlists on my ipod. Mixing in music that I know & love, with music that i'm new to, it's a great way to gear up for a festival when it feels like you've got ages to wait. And let's face it, on a rainy sunday when there's not much more to do it's good to feel like i'm achieving some sort of organisation!
So below are a few of my festival essentials for this year aswell as a few tracks that I know i'm going to be listening to loads in anticipation.

Stripe Denim Shorts - a-wear, €25

Have a listen to: Kele - Tenderoni

Eclectic Cotton Print Skirt, A-wear €20

Have a listen to: Foals - Blue Blood

Both worn with tights & knee-high socks for the colder festivals or on their own for the sun-guaranteed fests.

Dip Dye Dress, A-wear €40

Have a listen to: Major Lazer - Hold The Line

(Ok, i can see this is starting to look like an a-wear post, but their clothes are just so affordable & for a weekend with unpredictable weather it's great to be able to buy cheap items to layer up with)

Truly Madly Deeper take a picture vest - Urban Outfitters

Have a listen to: LCD Soundsystme - All My Friends

Something Else midnight gem print tunic - Urban Outfitters

Have a listen to: Leftfield - Original

Yaya Nom De Plume Violette chiffon dot top - Urban Outfitters

Have a listen to: Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn (Passion Pit remix)

I'm a big fan of U.O. for individual tank tops & tshirts, they always have a great selection to choose from & can turn a pair of jeans or shorts into a totally different, laid back outfit. It's also worth checking out Urban Outfitters for lots of different cardigans & sweatshirts for the cold nighttimes!

Denim shirts are another festival favourite & perfect for layering, I won't link them here as there's a plethora of them available from penneys to topshop and beyond!

Wellies are a pretty individual choice too i think, I prefer a neutral colour, black or green, so that they can be teamed with brighter clothes. But plenty of people prefer patterns or customised wellies & they can look great too! Obviously Hunter wellies would be the ultimate in festival fashion but they're also available in pretty much every department store and shoe shop so there's plenty of choice out there.

There's actually loads more of festival essentials that i'd love to post....but i don't want this being a MASSIVE blog post so i'll save some for another it'll give me something to do to count down the days until the next festival - YAY!


One of my fave online sites is pretaportabello - it's the online version of the infamous Portobello Market in London & also sells favourites from other markets such as Spitalfields (London), Camden, Brick Lane (London) & also Sydney, Australia!
It's an online showcase of quirky, original clothes and one off pieces. They have a great mailing list that's well worth signing up to & be updated with their occasional special offers (at the moment it's £1 postage - always nice to hear!)
Aswell as girly dresses, cute blouses & coats and handmade jewellery they also stock menswear, underwear and have a great vintage section. But the icing on the cake is the 'Lets Trade' section, whereby you can haggle online with the market stall owner - just like you would in a real market! It's different and it's fun - a welcome change to online
buying i think!
Below are just a few of my favourite items available online at the moment. Check out the link above & enjoy!

(above pictured) Vicious Cream dogtooth print dress

Toki & Nabi black lace jacket

Chuti striped floral tunic

Dahlia leather petal shoes

Vintage 1970's crochet collar maxi dress

Photos courtesy of - please contact me if there is any issue with posting them here.

World Cup Fever

I'm half enjoying the world cup, being a non-sports fan (unless it's a big match & then I can be a fairweather follow, sorry!!) it's hard not to get caught up in the hype. Even with Ireland not being in the WC there's still a lot of excitement in it....probably mainly due to most workplaces having sweepstakes of some sort! I've yet to find out who my sweepstake teams are - but come on SPAIN!(i hear they're one of the favourites..)
Perhaps Ireland for 2014??

New Blog

Eeeeks, i'm kinda nervous about this. I've thought about doing it for a while, just to have a space to throw down a few musings and perhaps even find out new & interesting things from others! I'll endeavour to make this a regular thing, however the content will probably be a great big mish-mash. I love fashion & music - together & seperately. I love living in Dublin. I love having great friends & making new ones. And I love finding out about new 'things' know things....'things' could be a new restaurant, a new clubnight, a cool new area for hanging out in, a new know...THINGS.
Anyway, i hope this doesn't prove to be too boring a blog and that maybe it might end up an interesting insight into someone's life....perhaps not mine, ahem.