Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why you gotta play that song so loud? COS I want to!

Ahahahahaha, oh well, i'm laughing at that AWESOME post title, even if nobody else is!

Cos recently arrived to Irish shores in BT2 and having previously looked, but not touched, I was really excited about the arrival. Ever since (ooh, about 2 months?) i've been going in on a weekly basis to perv on all the pieces. The shapes, the textures (ooh the gorgeous soft jerseys, crisp cottons and rough linens) and the gorgeous cuts. A white shirt is not just a white shirt if it's from Cos - it has a perfect cut, an interesting detail, a clean line. They're timeless pieces you could keep in your wardrobe and dig out in years to come and still look elegant and classy. The next best bit about Cos? The price. It is SO affordable. And that, these days, is usually a thing of myth and rarely ever translates once it hits our shores and converts into Euro. Thankfully, Cos is Swedish and therefore Euro-friendly. I cannot urge you enough to check out your nearest Cos store or concession, or have a look online at the beautiful pieces. For me, it's payday tomorrow and I have my eye on a whole new wardrobe! (honestly, i'm even annoying myself at how in love with the label I am)

ANYWAY, this post, while covered in slobber from all the drooling, is less about the pieces and more about the gorgeous Spring/Summer 2011 Cos Magazine. It comes with a gorgeous free poster (not at all clothes related - Two Blue Points by Anders Edstrom) and has interviews with photographers, equine therapists (?!), a museum director and a popstar - the gorgeous Lykke Li. Here's a few photos of the magazine that I took - I don't have a scanner so you'll have to make do with these, or even better, GET YOUR OWN!

I love the juxtaposition of the masculine shoes and pose with the beautiful pastel colours and feminine lines of the skirt. 

I also love how the accessories are shot - it's almost giving me storage ideas for my own necklaces. 

Have any of you ventured into Cos and/or bought anything yet? Tell me all and make me jealous! C

Outnet Lust #1

I'm constantly going onto The Outnet and lusting over expensive designer items that I will never own. In order to further torture myself, i've decided to make a feature out of this and hopefully bring some of you down with me.

Today i'm all about the maxi dresses.

This blue dress reminds me of a 'ye olde' medieval style princess dress worn with a pointed crown and flowing veil. No? 

I would wear this McQueen gown as a wedding dress.....were I getting married. The following Erdem dress could also pass as a minimalist wedding dress. Me likey. 

Disclaimer: I did not intend for this to be a purely McQueen and Erdem inspired post. Ahem. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Newsround #3

Apologies for the brief interlude in posting - I'm afraid it'll be much the same this week also. But i'll be back to daily postings next week....PROMISE!!

Here's just a few things that have caught my eye over the last few days - I have some (hopefully) good posts lined up over the next while & hopefully a few reviews also.
As always keep your lovely comments coming.

Olivier Rouesting to take over at Balmain - HELLO! What a hottie. He should be modelling aswell as designing. Full info here.

I Love My Muff!!! I was recently alerted by a friend to this range of, erm, 'intimate' care for women. What a brilliant name. See more here. 

Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu at the New York premiere for Water For Elephants. I'm DYING looking at the pictures from the film as it is, the style, the fashion, the R-PATZ! But this dress at the premiere has got me foaming at the mouth - want please!

Irish Blog, Kitch, and this gorgeous Kate Bush-esque photoshoot. J'adore. 

These gorgeous pastel Vans brogues - YES, Vans, as in the trainer brand - I was shocked too. 
Via zappos

The irony of this photo being taken at the 'Shine On' Awards, oops! 

And finally, Interview Magazine, for their increasingly beautiful photoshoots. Here's a few shots from 2 of my recent favourites of Michelle Williams and Amanda Seyfried. 

Until later, my dears! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer shoes - Littlewoods Ireland edition

Ever forgotten it was a casual day and gone into work in fullblown office mode? Well that happened to me today. I wouldn't have minded too much if it wasn't for the gorgeous weather, however, black, opaque tights do not a spring outfit make. 
As I sat at my desk RAGING, I comforted myself with thoughts of forthcoming summer outfits. My summer outfits don't vary a huge amount from my winter outfits -just minus the tights and with a change of footwear. Which got me thinking about shoes, glorious shoes! I have more than enough for every type of weather, if i'm brutally honest, but what girl ever has too many shoes, eh? 
To that end, I spent approx. and hour scouring as they have a great selection of different brands of shoes (and, honestly, because it's the week before payday and I can buy on credit, I should hang my head in shame, but hey, at least i'm being honest!) - I digress, here are my picks. 

(I always associate Clarks with 'comfortable' shoes, as I like to call them, but not necessarily stylish shoes, however recently i've spotted a few stylish AND comfortable looking shoes in there. I'm yet to purchase and still to be 100% convinced, but these look enough like Swedish Hasbeens to be in the list)

I also had a look on Office, Topshop, New Look and ASOS so I might pick some of the best from those aswell. 
Have you seen any summer shoes you're dying to have?

New Blog Email

Just a quick line to say I now have a blog specific email address. A few people have said they'd tried to contact me, so I thought it was best.
Oh, technology!

Anyway, my email is

Do feel free to drop me a line if you want a chat, for me to remove a picture, to ask me a question or just to call me a name.

Happy Easter :)e

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coachella Style 2011

These photos have got me all excited for the summer - roll on the festivals!!
Here's a pic of my fave outfits of Coachella 2011...and a surprise along the way.

Camilla Belle in Mulberry - keeping it girly but still festival fit. 
Nicole Richie, also in Mulberry - she's a festival pro
Lindsay Lohan (love her camera)
Alessandra Ambrosio looking as only a model can
Vanessa Hudgens - not loving this look, feels a bit too contrived
Rihanna looking like she'd kill you
Katy Perry sticking to her girly kitsch schtick
Ashley Greene in a fairly normal, and achievable, outfit
Rachel Bilson looking cute
Whitney Port looking for a lost filling
What festival fashion piece would be complete without Kate Bosworth?

AND NOW, for the grand finale, I give you..

Kanye West in a CĂ©line S/S 2011 BLOUSE <3

via getty

Monday, April 18, 2011

For Sale! Pick Me! New Home Needed!

I'm having a clearout of massive proportions - and before putting anything on eBay I thought i'd throw a few things up on here and see if there was any interest. I've handpicked only the decent items 'cos I like you all that much.
I'll leave items on here for a week before putting them on eBay.

Postage is quoted for registered post, so nothing gets lost along the way.
Please leave a message below with an email address at which you can be contacted and we'll arrange payment through PayPal.
If you think you know anyone that might be interested in any of the items, please send them this way & i'll love you forever and be your facebook friend and tweet you to let you know what i'm having for dinner (a smoothie so far this evening, oops).

Topshop patent yellow shoe with grey cone heel
worn once
UK Size 6/39
€18 + postage (see below for postage rates)

GHD - still working!
Standard GHD3 hair straightener, ceramic plates - still working, great condition, long lead. 
€30 + postage (see below)

**Postage for shoes & GHD - registered post: €10.50 (worked out using weight)**

yuki for Topshop Chloe Belt Dress
Bought in a hurry on boxing day sales in Topshop Oxford St - Size M/L (I would say fits 10/12, not  too large bust, ahem)
Originally £65, bought for £30 - WITH TAGS
€25 + postage (see below for postage)

River Island gold & silver beaded top
I love this top, but it's time to say goodbye. Great condition, beads are all still attached. 
Size 16 on tag, but I would say more of a size 14.
Low under the armholes, side of the bra can be seen OR can be worn with a cami underneath, you know yerself! 
€18 + postage

Oasis ribbon tie top
Good condition, loose fit. 
Size 14. 
€10 + postage

River Island embellished strap tanktop
Size 14 - good condition
Lovely crystal/bead embellishment
€10 + postage

Oasis embellished neck top 
(excuse the creases, WORST.SELLER.EVER. - too lazy to iron!)
Soft cotton, hangs beautifully, size 16 on label, more like size 14
Gorgeous crystal embellishment around  the neck
€12 + postage

**postage for clothes - registered post: €7.50 Ireland, €9.50 Europe**

I also have 2 pairs of fab Primark shoes, unworn! As they are Primark I find it hard to price them - they were bought for  €21 and as I said, never been worn. Postage for these is as above for shoes. 
If anyone is interested in seeing them, i'll post pics - they're platformed at the front, SKYCRAPER heels - both suedette material, one grey pair, one black pair - both with snakeskin platforms. 

That's it for now - I need to get rid & make room for new things!