Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer shoes - Littlewoods Ireland edition

Ever forgotten it was a casual day and gone into work in fullblown office mode? Well that happened to me today. I wouldn't have minded too much if it wasn't for the gorgeous weather, however, black, opaque tights do not a spring outfit make. 
As I sat at my desk RAGING, I comforted myself with thoughts of forthcoming summer outfits. My summer outfits don't vary a huge amount from my winter outfits -just minus the tights and with a change of footwear. Which got me thinking about shoes, glorious shoes! I have more than enough for every type of weather, if i'm brutally honest, but what girl ever has too many shoes, eh? 
To that end, I spent approx. and hour scouring as they have a great selection of different brands of shoes (and, honestly, because it's the week before payday and I can buy on credit, I should hang my head in shame, but hey, at least i'm being honest!) - I digress, here are my picks. 

(I always associate Clarks with 'comfortable' shoes, as I like to call them, but not necessarily stylish shoes, however recently i've spotted a few stylish AND comfortable looking shoes in there. I'm yet to purchase and still to be 100% convinced, but these look enough like Swedish Hasbeens to be in the list)

I also had a look on Office, Topshop, New Look and ASOS so I might pick some of the best from those aswell. 
Have you seen any summer shoes you're dying to have?


  1. You're right, never too many shoes! I must have 50 pairs and I regularly sell ones I don't wear on eBay!

    I like the Clarks ones too. Do you know H&M have done a collaboration with Swedish Hasbeens? It went on sale yesterday but they'd sold out of my size in the ones I wanted, booo!

  2. Shoes are amazing.
    Seriously you can never have too many!

    i love the KG Jackson shoes!