Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Favourites

From one of my favourite streetstyle blogs, New Zealand's Street and City Photos, comes this photo. Immediately I was reminded of Lisa Bonet, or Denise Huxtable from The Cosby show as you might best remember her. Anyone else?

From fellow Irish blogger, Blaubushka, came this post about Marks and Spencer A/W 2011 Collection. I'm longsince a fan of M&S for the basics and the food, but this just blew me away. Check out Blaubushka's post for more photos, in the meantime, feast your eyes on this: 

THIS amaaaaaaaaaazing looking cherry pie, as made by the lovely Sunshine With Everything. I love cherries, I just wish they weren't so damn expensive here. I did see aforementioned M&S had them at 50% off today, so I will definately be trying my hand at this pie over the weekend. Delish!!

Feeling inspired by Cait from Sailing to Nowhere for making these 2 skirts herself. I have a bag of clothes that I want to upstyle, and what better time to do it than now? Thanks for giving me a virtual kick up the butt, Cait!

Marie's post about her favourite shoes that KILL is something i'm sure we can all relate to. Any tips on breaking in shoes, pass them her way! (Bear in mind she's been trying to break these babies in for 4 years now, ahem)

THIS photo via Bare Style. It's my dream jacket. Or at least it would be were it leather, rather than denim. I'm making it my business to purchase some studs and a gun this weekend and customising a little something myself. Love. 

Via The Q Project, again with Bambi's eyebrows, this time for Free People. She is the Brooke Shields of the now. *draws on eyebrows*

Whilst not always a fan of Kirsten Dunst, recently i've REALLY been digging her style. I'm talking in the last 12mths, at least. This is one of my favourites of hers, via The Vogue Diaries. I love androgyny. I love masculine/feminine. And here she's done it well, the trousers are just the right tightness without verging into overtly sexy. Add a dickiebow for me and i'd be good to go!

I think that's pretty much it for now, I'm tired and i'm cranky. I tried to self-ombre my hair tonight but the dye just didn't take. And i'm sitting here waiting for FREE Prince tickets to miraculously fall into my lap for his concert here in Dublin tomorrow night. Wish me luck! Happy weekend!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh my my my my, July*

*can't believe I just used a Mundy song in a post. I'm sorry. Don't hate me!

An assortment of photos from my phone from this past week. You lucky, lucky readers. I spoil you.

First up: an outfit post of sorts. This is a pretty standard weekday outfit for me. My 9-5 is in an office, I shan't say which, but it's not very glamorous - although try telling some girls that on a casual Friday!

Leopard print tunic - Miss Selfridge | Leggings - Dunnes Stores | Pumps - Urban Outfitters | Belt - Primark | Cardigan - Forever 21

My new favourite purchase - this VERY YSL Art-alike ring  from Oasis. And it only set me back 20 smackers, as opposed to 120-odd for the real thing! Still, no beating the real thing if you can get it, eh?

Thought about going for some 'stree relief', but then I worried what that might entail..

Trying on hats in Dunnes Stores - don't worry, I had no intention of purchasing!!

And finally, a bit of undercover style spotting. I was waiting for a bus & trying to take some sneaky snaps of the lovely lady without looking like a freak. That's a real Mulberry bag on her person, and I loved her t-bar wedges and parka jacket. I love this look, it's stylish and casual without being too try-hard. 

P.S. If you recognise this lady as yourself, or indeed know her, please don't hesitate to ask for the photo to be removed. But please, take it as a compliment - I LOVE YOUR LOOK! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today this gorgeous dress was stolen from Dirty Fabulous vintage boutique in Dublin.

Anyone in Dublin please be on the look-out for this individual dress. Anyone with information please contact Pearse St Garda Station on 01666 9000.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Topshop Lust

Multi Animal Print Ombre Dress...

You WILL be mine!

Image via

**FOR SALE** Valentino Shoes

Recently bought on eBay - authentic Valentino slingbacks, gold with bow, gold ring around heel. 

Size 40eur, HOWEVER, I am a size 39 and they fit you will see from the terrible pictures below. 

I am posting from my phone & the photos were taken in a hurry on my way out to the gym, so if anyone is interest I will post up proper photos later on. 

Gently worn, the only sign of wear is on the soles of the shoes from normal wearing. 

Bought for €120 on ebay, willing to sell for €100. 

Reason for selling: I just don't feel they suit me. I bought them for a wedding, to go with a particular dress (risky, I know!), but I just don't think they go with the dress either. Chances are they would sit in the back of my wardrobe with me telling everyone about them but never actually wearing them!

Please leave a comment below if interested. Postage will depend on location - we'll check for postal rates - also dependent on whether you want registered post (probably advisable).

Payment through Paypal only. 

Grab a designer bargain!!
(and please, pass along to anyone you think might be interested)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(Late) Monday Muse

Ashley Madekwe from Ring My Bell

I love her laidback and easy styling & her ability to so simply piece together pieces from the highstreet and designer.

This look is one of my favourites; the textures, the fabrics, the simple colour palette. A girl after my own heart.

And THOSE Topshop boots are a dead ringer for Acne Pistol's, of which I have professed my love for before. Le sigh. 

Check out some more of her looks below.

Look, she even owled before everyone else!

Happy Monday (Tuesday) !!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday Favourites

Sssh, let's pretend it's Friday. I had this ready to go last night but forgot to publish it, oops.

Here's what I've loved this week.

Raquel Zimmerman by Steven Klein for Vogue US via Fashion Copious

United Nude open London Flagship Store via Alex Loves

These Topshop studded slippers as spotted by The Q Project

The Selfridges Advent Calendar via Disneyrollergirl

This outfit post entitled 'Night Robot' by FrouFrouu

Frozen chocolate peanut butter terrine via Sprinklebakes (YUM!)

The gorgeous use of colour in this outfit by Little Black Book

This style spot of a Cork designer whose cape (as she is wearing) has been worn by Florence Welsh onstage - she was spotted at the cinema wearing this on her way to see Harry Potter by Fashion Philosophy

Emma Stone looking foxy via Because I'm Addicted

News of the Benefit Flash Sale via London Beauty Queen

Sian's awesome ombre'd nails via her blog at Avant Style

And finally, but by no means least, this food-for-thought blog post over on the brilliant Male-Mode.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Outfit Post: Oi, Ref!

An uncharacteristic outfit post. As with everything on my blog (I know, I know "figure it out already!") it might become a regular feature, it might not.
Here's what I wore today, with a change into white hi-top Converse for the walk home from work.

Excuse the mess!

Jeans - Topshop | Top - H&M | Cardigan - random shop in New York | Booties - Steve Madden

Close up of my ever-comfortable and reliable Steve Madden wedge boots - bought in New York for a showstopping $19!! Ok, well I got them for $19 when I bought another pair of boots. Bargaintastic. 

The devil is in the detail.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chelsea Girl...ode to an ankle boot..

Sometimes I think I make up the trends myself. Nah, I'm kidding...I think. I've wanted a pair of chelsea boots for months, i've been scouring the internet, second hand shops & eBay for a nice vintage or worn looking pair. Good leather. Would last a lifetime.
None felt just right though. And then Topshop A/W happened. And everywhere followed suit.

Here's a rundown of my favourite highstreet chelsea boot-inspired.... erm, boots. Or ask your mum, maybe she has an old pair stashed away.
Wear with skinny jeans or a pretty dress with a denim shirt thrown over it. Endless options, timeless cool.

Topshop Ambush Glitter Ankle Boot  (also available in black glitter, black and tan leather)
(apologies for the awful image, ahem)

Topshop Maccoy leopard print brushed chelsea ankle boots

ASOS Andre Leather chelsea ankle boot

Office Novice chelsea boot

Marks and Spencer Limited Collection chelsea boot
While these M&S ones may not look like much in the photos, I tried them on today and not only do they fit like a glove, but the heel is a great size for non-regular heel wearers like myself. I love M&S for basics and they always surprise me by having a really on-trend piece done well. This is one of those times. 
I will, however, point out that the price in the UK is £35 and yet in Ireland they're €70. Really, Marks and Spencer? 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Muse #1

A new feature, let's see how this goes. Each Monday i'll endeavour to brighten the start of our working weeks by picking out a weekly, or daily, muse. Someone who stands out, be it celebrity, blogger, author, musician...WHATEVER.
Basically, it's my feature, my rules ;)

First up, and not least because of this ACE skirt, is this little cutie from Gary Pepper Vintage.


Fuck yeah, Tilda Swinton

She fascinates me and terrifies me in equal measure.

How amazing is this shoot for W Magazine's August 2011 issue by Tim Walker?

Peep the rest of it, and the interview, here.