Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh my my my my, July*

*can't believe I just used a Mundy song in a post. I'm sorry. Don't hate me!

An assortment of photos from my phone from this past week. You lucky, lucky readers. I spoil you.

First up: an outfit post of sorts. This is a pretty standard weekday outfit for me. My 9-5 is in an office, I shan't say which, but it's not very glamorous - although try telling some girls that on a casual Friday!

Leopard print tunic - Miss Selfridge | Leggings - Dunnes Stores | Pumps - Urban Outfitters | Belt - Primark | Cardigan - Forever 21

My new favourite purchase - this VERY YSL Art-alike ring  from Oasis. And it only set me back 20 smackers, as opposed to 120-odd for the real thing! Still, no beating the real thing if you can get it, eh?

Thought about going for some 'stree relief', but then I worried what that might entail..

Trying on hats in Dunnes Stores - don't worry, I had no intention of purchasing!!

And finally, a bit of undercover style spotting. I was waiting for a bus & trying to take some sneaky snaps of the lovely lady without looking like a freak. That's a real Mulberry bag on her person, and I loved her t-bar wedges and parka jacket. I love this look, it's stylish and casual without being too try-hard. 

P.S. If you recognise this lady as yourself, or indeed know her, please don't hesitate to ask for the photo to be removed. But please, take it as a compliment - I LOVE YOUR LOOK! 

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