Wednesday, July 27, 2011

**FOR SALE** Valentino Shoes

Recently bought on eBay - authentic Valentino slingbacks, gold with bow, gold ring around heel. 

Size 40eur, HOWEVER, I am a size 39 and they fit you will see from the terrible pictures below. 

I am posting from my phone & the photos were taken in a hurry on my way out to the gym, so if anyone is interest I will post up proper photos later on. 

Gently worn, the only sign of wear is on the soles of the shoes from normal wearing. 

Bought for €120 on ebay, willing to sell for €100. 

Reason for selling: I just don't feel they suit me. I bought them for a wedding, to go with a particular dress (risky, I know!), but I just don't think they go with the dress either. Chances are they would sit in the back of my wardrobe with me telling everyone about them but never actually wearing them!

Please leave a comment below if interested. Postage will depend on location - we'll check for postal rates - also dependent on whether you want registered post (probably advisable).

Payment through Paypal only. 

Grab a designer bargain!!
(and please, pass along to anyone you think might be interested)


  1. These are kind of amazing. I kind of want them. But... I am broke. Can you email me, um, you know, slightly better pics (!) plsthx!

  2. But of course - I completely forgot to take proper photos.
    Will email them onto you once i've washed the bleach outta my hair!