Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coachella Style 2011

These photos have got me all excited for the summer - roll on the festivals!!
Here's a pic of my fave outfits of Coachella 2011...and a surprise along the way.

Camilla Belle in Mulberry - keeping it girly but still festival fit. 
Nicole Richie, also in Mulberry - she's a festival pro
Lindsay Lohan (love her camera)
Alessandra Ambrosio looking as only a model can
Vanessa Hudgens - not loving this look, feels a bit too contrived
Rihanna looking like she'd kill you
Katy Perry sticking to her girly kitsch schtick
Ashley Greene in a fairly normal, and achievable, outfit
Rachel Bilson looking cute
Whitney Port looking for a lost filling
What festival fashion piece would be complete without Kate Bosworth?

AND NOW, for the grand finale, I give you..

Kanye West in a CĂ©line S/S 2011 BLOUSE <3

via getty


  1. Katy and Whitney are beautiful! xoxo

  2. Hey missus, couldn't find twitter or an email for you so just wanted to let you know that I've tagged you to do "10 things I love" No pressure to do it though! The rest of the info is here:) http://sunshinerose12.blogspot.com/2011/04/tag-10-things-i-love.html

  3. And I love Rachel Bilson's outfit here!

  4. Ugh, what is wrong with Vanessa! As of lately she has been making a lot of fashion mistakes. For me, hands down best look goes to Ale. The whole model off duty look is the best. Hmm is it me or does Lindsay look a little tipsy? Great post.

    All the best, Angel


  5. I just LOVE Kate Bosworth, she can do no wrong!
    Lucy x