Monday, April 18, 2011

For Sale! Pick Me! New Home Needed!

I'm having a clearout of massive proportions - and before putting anything on eBay I thought i'd throw a few things up on here and see if there was any interest. I've handpicked only the decent items 'cos I like you all that much.
I'll leave items on here for a week before putting them on eBay.

Postage is quoted for registered post, so nothing gets lost along the way.
Please leave a message below with an email address at which you can be contacted and we'll arrange payment through PayPal.
If you think you know anyone that might be interested in any of the items, please send them this way & i'll love you forever and be your facebook friend and tweet you to let you know what i'm having for dinner (a smoothie so far this evening, oops).

Topshop patent yellow shoe with grey cone heel
worn once
UK Size 6/39
€18 + postage (see below for postage rates)

GHD - still working!
Standard GHD3 hair straightener, ceramic plates - still working, great condition, long lead. 
€30 + postage (see below)

**Postage for shoes & GHD - registered post: €10.50 (worked out using weight)**

yuki for Topshop Chloe Belt Dress
Bought in a hurry on boxing day sales in Topshop Oxford St - Size M/L (I would say fits 10/12, not  too large bust, ahem)
Originally £65, bought for £30 - WITH TAGS
€25 + postage (see below for postage)

River Island gold & silver beaded top
I love this top, but it's time to say goodbye. Great condition, beads are all still attached. 
Size 16 on tag, but I would say more of a size 14.
Low under the armholes, side of the bra can be seen OR can be worn with a cami underneath, you know yerself! 
€18 + postage

Oasis ribbon tie top
Good condition, loose fit. 
Size 14. 
€10 + postage

River Island embellished strap tanktop
Size 14 - good condition
Lovely crystal/bead embellishment
€10 + postage

Oasis embellished neck top 
(excuse the creases, WORST.SELLER.EVER. - too lazy to iron!)
Soft cotton, hangs beautifully, size 16 on label, more like size 14
Gorgeous crystal embellishment around  the neck
€12 + postage

**postage for clothes - registered post: €7.50 Ireland, €9.50 Europe**

I also have 2 pairs of fab Primark shoes, unworn! As they are Primark I find it hard to price them - they were bought for  €21 and as I said, never been worn. Postage for these is as above for shoes. 
If anyone is interested in seeing them, i'll post pics - they're platformed at the front, SKYCRAPER heels - both suedette material, one grey pair, one black pair - both with snakeskin platforms. 

That's it for now - I need to get rid & make room for new things!

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  1. Love the yellow shoes! So sad they aren't in my size!