Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New York, New York and she took his heart away...

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to New York. I should be excited, I am...I will be. I've been before, for the first time last year. Since then my boyfriend has moved there for a few months for a job. So tomorrow I go to see him...after 5 weeks apart. It'll be bittersweet, leaving again in less than a week and not knowing when i'll see him again. Still though, I get to shop, right? Here are some photos from my last trip. See u in a week!!! 


  1. Enjoy New York!! I'll go for the first time in April!!
    Any great finds please let me know!!

    And thanks for following!! So sweet :)


  2. aw, long distance is so hard! hope you enjoy your trip and make the most of it! :)