Saturday, February 12, 2011

Make and Do

Yesterday evening I went to a shop launch with my friend, and fellow blogger, Anna. It was a design shop launching a new silicone plastic called Sugru that can be used to 'hack' or fix items that are broken. At first I just presumed it could only be used on solid items - broken tools, cups, instruments..even glass, but one of the guys doing the demos (and recording the documentary, eek!) also said it can be used on materials. E.g. to mend a hole in a shoe, a ripped bag or lining of a coat.
The beauty of the product is not only that it is sustainable  and economic, but totally mouldable to whatever your needs (mouldable is a word...right??).
See Anna's post and accompanying photos to see just how great Sugru is. As an aside, it was designed by one of our own,  Jane NĂ­ Dhulchaointigh, and it's always nice to support Irish products where possible.

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