Thursday, April 7, 2011

Topshop Rings

I tried to think of a crap pun for the title, but I couldn't come up with one that wasn't terribly obvious. Obvious isn't always good.
Anyway, i'll get to the point. Recently I was lured into Topshop with the bright pink words 'FLASH SALE' in the window.  After a quick root through the racks and few buys in the bag I headed towards the jewellery section. Usually I need to be restrained and have a good friend on hand to slap me across the face and cop me on. I'm like a magpie. I see something shiny and it must be mine. A Topshop/Freedom jewellery sale is dangerous territory for me. I went through a bracelet and bangle phase, then a long necklace phase and now...i'm at my ring phase. I only have 8 fingers & 2 thumbs, how could I NEED so many rings? I have chunky, I have thing, I have gold, I have silver, I have wooden. I have rings from Croatia, London and New York. And I love them all and need to buy more, more, MORE.
I particularly like Topshop's jewellery because it tends to not turn any of my body parts green and the pieces look more expensive than they are (though, let's be honest, with the £ to € 'exchange' they still can be pricey for high street pieces, that's why the sale is so good!).
If i'm going down, you guys are coming with me. Here is a selection of my favourites, though there's plenty more instore. Go forth and fly my pretty magpie friends!

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The above 2 remind me of the YSL Arty Too rings (the bottom one seen in blue over on Glamorous Glue blog)

(I would prefer this minus the diamant├ęs, I hate diamant├ęs thrown onto everything)


  1. I do not own any top shop jewelry, but these rings are lovely! i'll be living in NYC this summer, so I will probably be frequenting it quite a bit! So I am so excited to say the least!
    Thanks for posting this, gets me more interested to check it out!

    A trend to next winter is use tones of rings at the same time!!

  3. Ooooh they're gorgeous, they look magical if you know what I mean. Like Harry Potter characters should be wearing them!

    Please vote for me to win Westfield's blogger style competition!

  4. I love topshop rings! Think the sales the best time to buy them! MUCH cheaper :) i find that i always have to paint them with clear nail polish to stop my fingers going green! have the worst luck with them, but i cant resist.