Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woah, Jessie hold on..

ahem..excuse the B*Witched reference there. I do apologise.

Jessie J is fast becoming a style crush of mine. Not only do I love her glossy locks and strong make up looks, but she manages to make leotards and studded lips totally wearable. Not that i'll be venturing out in either anytime soon, but if I looked as good as her I might be tempted to pop to Fresh in Grand Canal for a pint of milk in a Jessie J inspired get-up. She wears a lot of vintage and also wears cute & kitsch items without looking too sickly sweet (after all, that's Katy Perry's territory).
Here's a few of my favourite looks so far. And many more to (hopefully) come!

image via

(I'm a fan of fringing, as you can possibly tell)
In Moschino Cheap & Chic via haveyouheardthelatest


  1. she is gorgeous and has great style!
    i preordered her cd the other day!
    i love her music!
    she is amazing <3

  2. if you havent already, youtube her. she is really good. there are loads of videos that she posted up before she got big and they are really heartfelt. love her!