Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's unusually warm here today, and has been the last few days. Working in an offiice during the week, it's only at weekends when I have a little freakout that my wardrobe is more autumn/winter than it is spring/summer.
Usually it's the top half that i'm lacking in appropriate wears, but at the moment it's the bottom half. Time for some new season seperates, methinks. Anyway, here's some Spring inspiration that i'll be looking to when shopping! Images via weheartit - a favourite for scouting for inspiration.


  1. I love almost everything in these, especially the first picture. And the quote's beautiful - I should too. But I'm sure eventually I will. (:


  2. Great blog! I am looking to grow my readership and was wondering if you'd like to follow each other (if you like my blog of course). Let me know! x

  3. That quote one has scared me! Argh! I should know too!