Monday, April 11, 2011

Superga - The Midas Chung Touch

She's at it again. Alexa Chung is making things cool again. This time it's a return to form for Italian sports label Superga. To celebrate 100 years in business they have recruited herself & with already successful consequences. They've been spotted on style vixens such as Sienna Miller, Katie Holmes and, a favourite of mine, Liv Tyler to name a few.
Available in a plethora of designs and materials, they're set to take the fashion world by storm - and at such affordable prices ($35 & up) and ranges for men, women AND children it's no wonder.

I've taken the liberty to pick out a few of my  favourite designs - i'm deciding between colours for my first pair!

Super Blogger Chiara Ferragni in her Superga's

Sienna Miller looking effortlessly cool

Liv Tyler in a trench & Superga's

And Alexa Chung - off and on duty wearing her Superga's

What do you think? Will you be wearing Superga? What colour will you be getting?


  1. I like them - they look really comfy, but probably just another fad like toms or keds or many more before them. That said,do you know where they're available?

  2. Oh! They are really cool... just saw them twice yesterday in the blogosphere- on man repeller and on timeless is more :)
    i'm not convinced they're so cool ad comfy I want a pair for myself!
    As for the colour- beige, white or navy!

  3. i'll take a hot pink pair, plztnx.