Sunday, September 11, 2011

ANOTHER scheduled Outfit Post

I wore this for Friday drinks with some of my chums. This Zara tunic is quickly becoming my go-to when I need to throw something on without making a huge effort.  The quality isn't so great though, i've found, with the stitching catching easily and pulling and the light chiffon nearly ripping in places. At least it was on sale when I got it so I don't feel too ripped off....excuse the pun.

Tunic - Zara | Tights - M&S | Boots - Kurt Geiger | Detachable collar - ASOS

As an aside, navy & black? I love it! I know a lot of my friends would be turning in their graves just thinking of pairing navy & black together. Throw away the rules! What 'shouldn't' work (according to who?) just might work better than you think. Are there any style 'rules' that you love to break?


  1. Love the collar! Big fan of them - I got one from Topshop and love it! x

  2. The collar is gooorgeous!
    And yayyyy for navy n black!