Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leather and Frills

Leather, pleather, wet look. My guilty pleasure. As are frills, bows, metallics. Anything tacky and standoutish. Pair them with tshirts, shirts, plain tops.
Last year I found these amazing Adidas & Missy Elliot silver, frilly hi-tops whilst on holidays in Croatia and fell in love with them. Imagine my delight when my bestie bought them for me at Christmas (ledgeface).

And just this morning I found a pair of leather (faux) and jersey stretch skinnies that I bought in Topshop  for the princely sum of €7 in the sale a while ago. I bought them without trying them on as I was in a hurry. I just tried them on and I am OBSESSED. Already planning many outfits to go with them.
To whit, here they are. Still hiding my face.

 My housemate trying on OUR Louboutin's


  1. They are lush! I would wear 'em with dresses and flats if I had a pair c: x

  2. The silver shoes are very cool :)

  3. I Love those silver shoe too!
    missy x

  4. Want your pants...not in a dirty way...just to wear...doh! Also timeshared shoes...genius - especially when they're that hawt!