Monday, March 7, 2011

Our lovely lady lumps, check them out

SO, tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of International Woman's Day! WOo! OK, it's tomorrow, but in light of it, and also inspired by yesterday's Noel Fielding video, I've been watching old Youtubes of awesome female musicians that I admire from yesteryear.
I'll still give Lady Gaga her dues for being INSANE and altogether wonderfully entertaining, but for me, there's one woman who i've admired since I was only a childer. Her style is soomething I don't purposely try to emulate, but I often end up with smudged eyeliner and wearing all black and I already have the trademark shaggy fringe so I guess she can take the credit for being my inspiration.

Ze one & only Chrissie Hynde. BOW DOWN!!

And of course, no oldschool frontlady lineup would be complete without whom my mother credits with being the other woman in her marriage, Debbie Harry.

And let's not forget who was rocking the P.L.O. scarf before we even knew what P.L.O. stood for - not to mention her EPIC teenage-girl-runs-away-from-home-in-bid-for-freedom video for Love Is A Battlefield. 

Incidentally, how much does she look like David Bowie in Labyrinth here?
 Goblin King?
Pat Benatar?

Perhaps, though,  because yesterday's video post of Noel Fielding dancing to Kate Bush, I've been watching loads of her old videos. Even now they seem 'out there' and it's easy to see she had such a huge creative input into them herself. There's hints of lots of today's female popstars in Kate Bush's videos from the 80's - Beyonce in Sweet Dreams, Lady Gaga in Pokerface and her new (horror? aah) video for Born This Way to name just a few. Babooshka was probably the video I remember the most, whether it was because of the shattering glass or the SheRa-esque number she's wearing I don't know, but it's still a great video today and an example of women doing their thang even in the 80's! (as an aside, note the lack of Spice Girls and Girl Power, shudder)

OH! It's also Pancake Tuesday tomorrow - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! Enjoy! 

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