Monday, March 7, 2011

The Monday Digest

Moany? Yes. Tired? Yes. Make up halfway down your face? Yes. It must be Monday. 
Here's a few things that got me through my day.

I like goooooooooooooold [/Goldmember]
This picture of Vivienne Westwood's gold runway finale
Image via thefashpack

AND even more gold in Stella McCartney's Paris Fashion Week offering - see here on WWD. What?! I already told you i'm lazy today, a link is as good as you're getting!

-> The RUMOUR (i'll believe it when I see it) that Kanye West has applied to study fashion at Central St Martins. Heck, I'D even apply if that were true! 

The RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS that some lovely, lovely woman bestowed upon me today. I may have mentioned it here, but i've been looking for a spring coat/jacket to suit for this partially chilly weather we've been having. It's not cold enough to warrant me wearing my woollen winter coats, but it's not warm enough for just a blazer either. So today I went into one of my favourite high street go-to's for coats, Marks and Spencer. I had set myself a limit of €75, it being the middle of the month (nearly) and having blown some money on wanton ebay purchases over the weekend. The coat I fell in love with, a black trench, was €88. I hmm'ed and haaah'ed (wow, i've never had to spell that before) about spending the extra on it when a lady approached me and asked if i'd like a voucher for €12.50 for the store as she wasn't going to use it and it was going out of date today! I asked if she was sure but she was adamant she wouldn't use it. And so, I purchased my coat. LADY, if you're out there - THANK YOU & may good fortune come your way. 
LOVE the asymmetric hem

My Equipment shirt arriving - you may remember I posted about the amazing deal I got on an Equipment blouse in a sample sale - well it arrived, via my boyfriend's apartment in New York (and one *nearly* wrong address that I accidentally filled in, oops), in work this morning! It's perfect. It's oversized so i'm picturing wearing it  with a thin belt over wetlook leggings or tucked into high-waisted jeans (though really, I don't have the figure for that one). To make it an even more joyous occasion, the $178 price tag was still on it. I love the smell of a good deal in the morning. 

I was gonna add in a few videos of what I was listening to to get me through today, but as tomorrow is International Women's Day (100th anniversary!) I'll do a seperate post as it was all oldskool powerful and stylish women. 


  1. CSM have turned Kanye down - (p.s. that's my comment underneath re: Ed Westwick, hohoho....)

  2. Ahahaha, as much as I fancy the pants off Ed Westwick, it's TRUE!
    My boyfriend is currently living in NY and one of the girls in his office met him randomly while he was eating dinner on his own and now has a photo with him as her Facebook profile picture. Now, you'd think in a fan photo he'd lose the pout, but nope, it's there and it's BIG!
    Ooooh, i'm gonna have to get my thinking cap on for some celeb degrees..