Monday, March 28, 2011

Business Casual

Any excuse to squeeze in a reference to one of my favourite bands, Chromeo. Thursday finally sees the arrival of the Irish Fashion Awards, you may have seen me mention it in one or two posts, ahem.
The website states the dress code is 'Casual Chic' ....what the bloody hell is THAT?!
Well, I presumed it was something along the lines of blazers, skinny jeans, tops, scarves, floaty dress & fitted jackets, tights and pumps. But i've seen a few other posts whereby people attending have been deciding between long evening dresses & other such outfits. Oooh la la! What to wear?


So, kind readers and lovely people, I would like some opinions. What would YOU wear to keepwithin the 'casual chic' dress code?

As and early Thank You I will leave you with a Chromeo song to keep you tapping your toes whilst you help choose me an outfit! Enjoy! (and hands off Dave1 - he's mine!)


  1. I would have gone with your idea of Casual Chic? I cant imagine that means ball gowns and the like... Hmm, tough call

  2. I think I'd go for a classic shift dress, there are some really gorgeous 1960s-style ones on ASOS for £35-50 at the moment. You can't go wrong with a shift dress and heels with a pop of bright lipstick!

    p.s. I would have thought the same as you but it appears some people are going more chic than casual...!