Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Such a cliché

I'm in love with Zara. I pass by a fairly large Zara store every day on my way to & from work. Some days I go in & get annoyed with everything in the shop, other days, like today, I go in and fall in love with everything.

Like these boots. Now, tell me what these wouldn't go with in an Irish summer?
Then there's cutesy summer dresses with peter pan collars. I'm still not tired of peter pan collars FYI. 
One thing that i've found online & not yet in the shop is this poncho tshirt. But i'll persevere until I find it (or buy online). 
As well as dipped hem skirts & dresses, there are scarf print blazers, beautiful fitted macs, parkas and leather jackets. But it was the vast selection of blouses & tops that got me really excited. 
I could imagine wearing this blouse loose over skinny black jeans or leather leggings, or tucked into my pleated leather skirt. 
This lace peplum top looks great as styled above over a tight fitted skirt. I love peplums & they look set to be everywhere for Autumn/Winter as well. 
This lace blouse is a perfect example of feminine/masculine. The lace makes it oh-so girly, while the crisp, white cotton gives it a masculine edge. I'd love this in black. 

My only gripe? The sizes. Please, Zara, give a little more room for the more ample bosomed ladies! And with that, i'm off to wait until payday and perhaps try a few on in between!


  1. I haven't looked in there in a while, but those are really nice pieces. I like your taste, I will have a look in there too.

  2. I want ALL of these clothes. And especially those white shoes!! oooh! x