Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brandy Melville

Last year, on my sojourn to New York I discovered this cute shop near my boyfriend's apartment on Spring Street. Enticed in by the beachy feel of the exposed wooden floors and raw brass pipe fixtures on the red brick walls, I was greeted by soft fabric seperates at rock bottom prices.

Already way over my baggage limit, I parted with just 2 items - a grey, baby soft hoody (which i'm wearing right now and is still as soft as when I first bought it a year ago) and a soft knit, striped, oversized top. I have since lost the top and I sometimes cry myself to sleep when I think about it. Sob.
Kate tank (love these low sided vests)

Whilst it won't win any awards for fashion forward styling, it is value and comfort in everyday pieces. I mean, if we could all afford to, i'm sure we'd be buying our white tshirts in from Alexander Wang, right?
But these are recessionary times (sorry!) and as much as American Apparel was hailed as the second coming of Christ when it arrived on our shores, I just can't justify the prices for a plain white tee.

With that in mind, I'm just appealing to a shop somewhere in Ireland to please stock Brandy Melville. I've honestly never felt such soft fabrics in any high street stores over here. For my own sanity I haven't checked if they ship abroad, because even if they do we have the monstrous customs charges to contend with.

And look! It's not just snuggly soft fabrics that they lovingly stock, there's cute little accessories too.

They have stores in a few locations across the states, so if you're over, check them out. You'll definitely get a bang for your buck on some cotton seperates.


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