Monday, August 22, 2011

Dipped Hem

Oh, just one of those outfit posts that I always threaten to do..

Skinny Jeans - Topshop | Dipped Hem Tunic - Zara | Assorted Jewellery | Boots - Kurt Geiger

My friends will tell you that I lahurrrrrrrrve eBay. I'm obsessed. My phone constantly has notifications to tell me an item is ending soon. I once filled my 'watch' list. That's 250 items. I might have a problem. I digress, below is the BEST bargain i've ever found on eBay. A vintage Givenchy silk & wool scarf all for the princely sum of €8 including postage. Totes barg loike. I love it. It's HUGE  and soft and warm. Expect to see a lot of it. Or not.


  1. Those boots, that scarf...those skinnies...gimme!

  2. I'll tell you a secret about the jeans...they're from the maternity section! My friend had a baby & told me afterwards that she still buys the maternity jeans because the elasticated waistband feels more comfy and they're a bit more high-rise. LOVE them. But shhh ;)

  3. Them boots are such gems! wowza I just waaaant!! :)

  4. It's sooo addictive isn't it, though I've NEVER found a bargain like that, u must be a pro! Teach meee! Haha
    And those boots, beautiful :)

  5. I lust after those Geigers, I really do.

  6. Lucy - pure luck with the eBay bargain - although I do find going for things like scarves and non-obvious brands like Chanel, McQueen, Louboutin means finding better bargains.
    Mostly, it's trawling for hours and having a lot of patience. I get into a trance-like state when i'm on a serious eBay buzz!