Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday! What a day!

*scheduled post*

Right now I am sitting in the (hopefully) sunshine enjoying a 'decades' themed fancy dress wedding party. The theme of 'decades' extended to the 50's, 60's and 70's. After an unsuccessful order of a 50's style dress online I was forced to find an alternative on a budget  and with a very small timescale.
Eventually Penneys (Primark to all you guys outside Ireland) saved my bacon and the outfit below is what i'll be wearing along with a 50's hairstyle to boot. My boyfriend's outfit has been influenced by Buddy Holly. Mine? Oh, I guess Mary Tyler-Moore or Betty Draper. 50's housewife, woo!

Apologies once again for the sideways photo.
All clothing from Pennneys/Primark.

Hair Inspiration


  1. I love the outfit you found.I'm a big fan of Penneys myself :)

  2. Love the outfit - must make my way to Penney's soon.

  3. Great outfit, hope you are having fun!

  4. Looks super cool! Hope you have an amazing time at the wedding.

  5. A Vintage party sounds like a lot of fun! That's perfect hair inspiration.