Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paris the 'what I bought' edition

A quick little trip through a few of my vintage and not-so-vintage bargains and spends from Paris. Exciting, I'm sure. Sorry!

First up was Coiffeur, a vintage shop on Rue de Rosiers, as seen on and recommended Jen's blog and via Sarenza's very helpful tweets!

First up was this worn leather handbag. I love messenger bags for nights out as i'm a hands-in-the-air sorta dancer and messenger bags = optimum dancing capabilities. I love the worn effect on this obviously used bag and it has 2 deceivingly spacious zipped compartments. For only €5 this is my favourite bargain of the lot, even if it's not the prettiest. 

Next is this white and coral splash tunic - it's cotton and comfy and cool. A bargain at €10. 

My final purchase in Coiffeur was this nautical inspired blouse - I loved the print and the double breast style, the shoulder pads i'm still on the fence about. This was also just €10.

My next purchase was a friendship bracelet from a street vendor. This is very similar to one given to me by my sis-in-law years ago - they're both just cheap old things, but I love little bracelets like this and I rarely take them off. I love the sterling silver tag attached also. 

My stinky old bracelet. 

Next up was this vintage playsuit from Free P'Star - it's quite big, but with a little adjustment it could be good, if not i'll just throw it on eBay with the bag of items I have waiting to be sold. This was a steal at €10 and I love the detailing on the pocket. 

My STAR purchase of  the lot is this Isabel Marant friendship bracelet.  I love it so much, and mixed together with my cheaper bracelets it looks great. I actually wanted the other style that was silver, rather than string, however the concession store I  stumbled into didn't have the whole selection. I'm pretty happy with this one though!

This vintage inspired scarf was, again, from a street vendor for something like €3 or €4. It's obviously synthetic and slightly tacky, but it reminds me of something that my grandmother owns that isn't synthetic or tacky. I like the detailing on it in any case, even if I use it to tie in my hair then i'm getting my money's worth!

And finally, no trip to Paris would be complete without these! 


  1. I love the blue sailor inspired blouse - good vintage buys. Did you visit any other of stores in our wonderful city?

  2. I did! Well, I peeked in Sandro, The Kooples and Maje, but I help onto the purse-strings and restrained myself, more's the pity.
    A quick jaunt around Galleries Lafayette left me feeling very sorry for myself and my sad credit card!

  3. Love all of the purchases, especially the bracelets and sailor blouse!