Thursday, June 30, 2011

Newsround #8 - I Link I Love You

Some of my fave blogposts over the last week or so. Enjoy!!

Dreaming Spires - Not really the capsule type..  (because, deep down, who WOULDN'T like a capsule wardrobe of some sort?)
Disneyrollergirl - Vans go Wild
Red Lemonade - Flight Club (interesting look at some oldschool air hostess uniforms)
White Rabbit - Photo of the day #500
StyleScrapbook - Worst Day (I don't even know where to begin..)
Inner Space - Dublin for Design Capital (breaks it down nicely, for those of us not cultured enough to know, ahem)
A Cup of Jo - Deepdish Cookies (Sorry!!!)
Rose Tinted Uncertainty - Yummy...
Save Our Shoes - Hot damn, summer in the city Part 9  (a little interesting musical project, a bit like speed dating...but with music)
Fashion Pearls of Wisdom - HOw to look cocktail fabulous in 5 minutes
Fashion Copious - 33 ways to stay creative
Ringo, Have a Banana - Switcheroo
Fashion Hayley - Small Apartment Living
Style Scrapbook - Round My Wrist

and finally,
Say Your Right Words - My other blog - losing a parent to cancer  - I think this is an important blog to highlight. Last year I lost my brother to cancer. He was 30 years old. He was diagnosed 6 months previously and left behind a beautiful 2 yr old son. Cancer is something that has, or will, affect us all in some way, big or small. It's important for those affected by it, not only the sufferers, to get support and encouragement wherever they can. Even just knowing that someone else is going through the same thing as you, feeling the same way as you, can give you some small bit of comfort. Talking about it and sharing our feelings won't bring the person back, but it will help us to turn our stories into memories and to eventually be able to remember those that we've lost with fondness and happiness, rather than sadness that they're gone.