Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A flipping good time!

As I wandered through BT2 on my way to once again stare at the Cos concession, I noticed a little flip flop shop to my right. Havainas have once again brought their customising  station into BT2 for you to go along and make your own, perfect pair of flipflops.

The onsite customising booth has over 100 killer colour combinations of soles and straps to choose from which can be decorated with a selection of over twenty five various pins ranging from hearts and stars to quirkier designs, for example; fruits, animals and flags. There is also a selection of Swarovski crystals to add some sparkle & make each pair truly unique which is sure to be a favourite with the girls. With over 900 combinations of straps, soles, pins & crystals, the possibilities are endless for personalizing these summer must haves!  
BT2 Dundrum and Blanchardstown also have a customisation bar whereby once you have chosen a pair of Havaianas flip flops from our fabulous selection of colours, you can select from a wide variety of pins and crystals to add to their straps. 
The Make Your Own Havaianas customisation booths are open in BT2 Grafton Street, Dundrum and Blanchardstown now. Prices start from €20. Celebrity fans of the customised footwear include Victoria Beckham and Dannii Minogue. 


  1. I had NO idea there was such as thing as customised Havianas! Oh God, I'm totally going to end up spending twenty quid on flip flops. This is all your fault Miss Cat! :)

  2. Oh please get 'Philippe' on one and 'Filoppe' on the other...or however you spell 'Filoppe'for the purposes of the joke...

  3. The most comfortable shoes ever ;-)