Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Wishlist

I'M RICH!! Ok, i'm not. But if you saw the amount of online browsing i've been doing recently you'd be forgiven for thinking that I am. Maybe it's because I have a birthday coming up *cough* and i'm looking for inspiration. Anyway, I thought i'd share & perhaps make it a monthly thing. Anything you've got your eye on?

KG by Kurt Geiger Vanika boots £140
Ok, these boots don't look like much in the photo, but i've tried these on in BT2 Dublin and they are ACE. I'd wear them with skinny, skinny jeans, pleather leggings, black bodycon skirts etc. They'd be great for dressing up a daytime outfit & running around town. Also available in black & cream leather and i'd like a pair of each of those also please! 

This would be great for festivals, non?

Now, i'm unsure as to whether this would look good on anyone over a certain size, but it's still a good dress. The print reminds me of a Mary Katrantzou print. 

For days when you want to let it all hang out. 

Because I don't like my toes!

Such an affordable piece of statement jewellery. 

I'm really feeling the ASOS love eh?


  1. I love the psycadelic print dress, I seen it a few weeks ago an have it added to my bookmarks of 'things I want'.. Haha
    The shoes are deadly, love the heel on them

  2. YAY! I'm so glad someone else likes the boots. My housemate thought they were gack until she tried them on, i'll be racing her to get them.

  3. Love the ASOS Godet Insert Cape - yummy! xx

  4. I love the cape sleeve top!
    Lovely blog btw


  5. I so want that Chain! Great post!

  6. Thanks for your comment : ) it's from miss selfridge


  7. Fantastic flats and cape! Want them) Great blog! Follow you)Follow me?

  8. Off-topic: Followed you at Google Connect. Hope you'll do the same for me as well. :)

    I hope I;m rich so I can shop as long as I want and buy all the things i wanted. but if I do that, I guess, I will never be satisfied. Lol.

    From all of them, the cape is the only one I like. Totally like. Probably love. haha. But I can only dream.

    <3 Grysh

  9. Great post! lve the KG shoes and the cape, very quirky, which I love! Great inspiration post too, given me some great wardrobe ideas! thanks hunni!

    Love C x

  10. REALLY like those boots. They remind me of Alison Mossheart from The Kills!