Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clinique Chubby Stick - over before it began...

I read about the Chubby Stick about 2 months ago in a review on a blog. "It must be mine!" I declared.
And, as of last Sunday, it was mine. Woppin' Watermelon was my colour of choice. A beautiful girly, rose pink.

I'd heard enough about it to know that it was moisturising and infused with mango and shea butter - my favourites of all the butters. I also knew that the colour was just a hint and the helpful Clinique girl behind the counter in Brown Thomas also told me that the colours were buildable, "handy" I thought.
The above details were correct. It is lusciously moisturising without being sticky or slippy, you know the ones I mean. I found myself topping up every few minutes, not because my lips were drying out, but because I wanted to just keep lashing it on because it felt so gooood.

But, as with most things in life (ooh, woe is me!), with every good, there's usually a bad. And the bad, or letdown, was that there was no smell. The smell is obviously not the most important part of a lipbalm, but it helps. I tend to do a thing where I scrunch my top lip up under my nose to get a whiff of the good stuff when i'm wearing nicely scented lipbalm.

Here, I'll demonstrate!


Unfortunately the smell, or lack thereof, wasn't the only thing to disappoint. Not even 24hrs after purchase, and bare in mind I was asleep for 7(ish) of them, the balm broke. 

The stick features a twist-cap, so it is handy that you don't have to sharpen it like a normal pencil, however I didn't even get around to twisting it once before the balm broke right off, as soft as butter. That'd be the shay then!
I have since tried my best to warm it and make it stick back on, which it has...to an extent, but it's just not as easy to apply and i'm worried about breaking it further. At €19 a pop, that's just not really good enough, is it?

So, whilst the pro's are pretty good pro's - the colour is lovely and sheen, like a not-too-glossy gloss, it's not too sticky, perfectly moisturising and makes your lips look and feel great. 
I do like the packaging, the idea of a Chubby Stick...whatever that may be, minds out of the gutters now! It's fun and looks like a giant crayon FOR YOUR FACE. The twisty-cap is useful, however if it contributes to the product breaking then perhaps it's time to rethink that a little bit. It's the perfect design to throw into your handbag ready to use, in which case it shouldn't really be so delicate. 

Has anyone else tried it? Verdicts? 


  1. I've never tried it but it's disappointing that it broke already! It sounds like a good idea though...if it would last!x

  2. Totally, I reckon if it hadn't broken I would probably be giving this 10/10. Such a shame.

  3. Ah gutted as if it broke, I actually just lolled at your pic!


  4. hahaha btw - I meant to comment on your blogpost about your hair change Eloise, but blogger was acting up for me for aaaaaaaaaages. ANyway, I really love the brown - you seem to be one of those lucky people that can carry off both blonde and brunette - no fair!!

  5. I've actually been wanting to try this out. Glad I found your post--think I'm gonna go for it!

    x Elizabeth / In BEtween Seams

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