Thursday, March 3, 2011

Over The Hill(s)

Anyone that knows me can vouch for my terrible (read: AMAZING) taste in tv, especially, reality tv. My love for MTV's The Hills was born out of a very hungover day and involved a couch, a too-far-away tv remote and a can of coke. Feeling like death, I was set for the day. Plonked on the couch and not moving.
I had seen a few random episodes of Laguna Beach, but not enough to becoming involved. However this all changed as soon as I became engrossed in the day to day mundanities of Lauren (LC) Conrad and her pals Heidi, Audrina (eat your heart out!) and Lo (of the Bosworth variety).
Initially Lauren's style was that of L.A. rich girl - lots of denim and beach wear with the odd designer handbag and sunglasses thrown in for good measure. But then she landed her dream job with Teen Vogue, and later on with People's Revolution and her personal style became that to be hugely jealous of. In March 2008 she released her debut fashion line, The Lauren Conrad Collection, and a year later took a hiatus from designing and released a number of books. She is now back with another collection, this time called Paper Bag, and the following are some of my favourite pieces from it.
They're all classic LC style - cool seperates and relaxed chic with flowing layers, or jersey maxi dresses toughened with girly leather jackets. You like? Or, you don't like?

Images via instyle


  1. I love Lauren!
    Wonderful blog, xoxo

  2. Lauren has such great style, I love all of these looks.