Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok, not so much 'news' as 'things I like'....but these things are news to you! (speaking of news, did you hear that Top of The Pops is coming back? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEAL)

Anyway, this is like a mid-week Sunday Roast of things that have caught my eye, but don't particularly deserve a full post (OR, i've been too busy this week to dedicate the time to a full post, sorry!) Here goes, comments appreciated - also, feel free to let your friends know about the blog if you enjoy it, honest...I won't mind!

Diane Kruger in THIS Jason Wu dress - I actually have an idea for a Diane Kruger related post, yeah, I know, i'm late to the bandwagon, but she's really wowed me in this dress. It's classy and elegant and the shapes are just beautiful, not to mention the naughty little peek of white from under the hem. I'd love to find an affordable version of this, or a dress with a similar shape. Stunning.

This post about Pamela Love's studio from CoCo Celine. I'm so excited about the Topshop collab that is planned - i'm a big fan of her pieces. 

This dress from Rachel Zoe's RTW Fall 2011 collection - can you tell yet that I love volume and shapes? 

Nicki Minaj is at it again - I love her, she's FIERCE competition for Lady Gaga. Fearless and strong and wow, look at that ass! (i'm just saying what we're all thinking)

This short piece about Tavi - The Style Rookie. Sometimes when reading her blog I feel strangely proud of her and how she's growing up and maturing. She's as cool as I wish I had been at her age. I hope she finds the direction she wants to go and doesn't get pulled under by the evils of fashion. (is now an inappropriate time to add evil laughter?)

Cara Delevigne for Burberry Beauty via - ahoy there lovely eyebrows. 

Oh, Opening Ceremony, why must you taunt me with your 'i'm so cute i might explode' dresses and 'fuck me i'm AMAZING' platformed shoes teamed with socks? A quick jaunt into the SoHo, NYC store in February left me panting and grasping at my credit card, all the while pleading that my bank manager would give me MORE, MORE, MORE so I could spend there - alas, it was the end of the trip, the end of my funds and it just wasn't meant to be. Here, they have partnered with Pendleton in these Navajo Desert, wild west inspired wonders. I just love their quirky photo shoots. (the cynical part of me hates myself for using the word 'quirky' just there, please don't judge me)
More outfits & shots can be seen here.

Charlotte Free - read about her here

Alexandra Jefford jewellery - in particular the cocktail rings, I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough. 

And finally, because i'm loving barbie pink and neon lips at the moment, this piece from Net-a-Porter about perfecting your pout, ooh la la! 

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