Friday, March 18, 2011

Blazer of Glory

Apologies for the crappy post title. It was either that or 'Blazer, Blazer, Blazer I made you out of clay'. Ahem. 

Aaaanyway, i've been obsessing over blazers recently. I've always loved how throwing a blazer on over a dress automatically dresses it up, turning it from day to night, or drab to chic. And with jeans and a top it's just perfection. 
So, i've been looking for the perfect blazer for the upcoming Irish Fashion Awards to finish off my outfit and, in particular, I wanted a drape front or waterfall blazer. The material wasn't important but I was limiting myself to black or cream/white/peach in colour. I'm still searching for the *perfect* one, but here's a few i've stumbled upon along the way. 

ASOS tailored draped jacket (also available in firebrick & black)
French Connection Mary Lou leather jacket
muubaa Tassel Detail Drape leather jacket from ASOS
M&S Autograph Open Front Drape Jacket
French Connection Holly Jacket
Designers remix drape Jacket from ASOS
Topshop Ivory Drape Tux Blazer
Vila Luxe drape front blazer from House of Fraser

Have you seen any great blazers or jackets out there? Feel free to pass on suggestions, I have a few backups but i'm still looking for *the* one. 

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  1. I love the first one..! The ivory draped one is lovely too... Still haven't gotten anywhere near finding n outfit for it! Eeeeeek! x